What Injuries and Illnesses Does Chiropractic Treat?

Chiropractic is a non-invasive, drug-free form of manual treatment for injury and illness that is efficacious in addressing a wide variety of physical problems.  A chiropractor is especially able to help patients suffering from neck and back pain, and these are amongst the most common reasons why patients seek chiropractic treatment.

The reasons people seek chiropractic treatment can be many and varied: an injury may have been caused by an accident, repetitive movements or stress.  This may in turn then result in pain or discomfort in muscles, joints or bones, or alternatively in tissues such as ligaments, tendons and cartilage.

Chiropractic, which is a non-invasive, drug-free, holistic form of treatment, is designed to address such musculoskeletal problems and focusses on restoring the proper functioning relationship between the nervous system and spine, with the body’s bones, organs, joints, tissues and muscles.  It does this through restoring the proper alignment of the spine so that the body’s nervous system is able to function effectively and without irritation, which is achieved through the process of chiropractic alignment.  This involves gentle, painless, directed force being applied to a joint or vertebrae that is suffering from restricted movement, helping it gradually to regain normal motion, and bringing with it improved nervous system function.  Therefore, there are particular types of injury or illness for which chiropractic is especially efficacious.

Due to the nature of the treatment, back and neck pain are the most common reasons why patients seek chiropractic treatment.

Back pain comes in many forms and its causes can likewise be wide and varied.  For instance, it may have its roots in a skeletal problem affecting the proper function of the spine.  This may be the result of a degenerative condition, such as spondylosis (also known as spinal osteoarthritis), or it may have ben caused by trauma or repetitive motions, as is the case with coccydynia.

Alternatively, back pain may be caused by muscular problems as a result of injury, overuse or being used improperly, such as tendonitis or Piriformis Syndrome, conditions often suffered by runners and cyclists.  Closely connected to this is facet joint sprain, back pain caused by damage to ligaments and other soft tissue, which may result from extreme physical activity, or activities that involve twisting, bending or lifting.  Back pain caused by neurological problems can also be treated effectively by chiropractic. Perhaps the most common example is sciatica (also known as lumbar radiculopathy), caused when the sciatic nerve becomes inflamed.

Many patients also seek chiropractic to deal with neck pain, which can likewise take many forms and may be the result of a number of causes.  However, chiropractic treatment can provide relief for many such conditions.
A common form of neck pain is the result of a cervical sprain, which is an injury to the neck’s ligaments and may result in stiffness, muscle spasms or a general feeling of weakness.  A cervical strain, another cause of neck pain, is the result of stretching or tearing of soft tissue in the neck.  A common cause of cervical strains and sprains is whiplash, but they may also be the result of falls, sporting injuries or having poor posture when seated.  Chiropractic treatment is an effective way of treating both of these types of injuries.

Of course, neck and back pain are not the only issues that chiropractors address – for instance, chiropractic treatment can help with other physical problems such as tennis elbow, knee and ankle pain, and a wide variety of sporting and other injuries.  However, it is for back and neck pain that most patients seek the help of a chiropractor, and it is in the treatment of such ailments that chiropractic is particularly effective.